Microclimates within gardens.

Australia as a continent has many different climatic regions, affected by geographical location, oceans, mountains, soil environments etc.  There are many factors within our own properties that will affect the growing environment of a plant on a micro scale.  Brick walls, exposed areas, buildings, leaking pipes, soil texture variations, Competition from roots, water features…. etc.  These factors affect the way plants can grow within an available space; these modified small climatic areas are referred to as Microclimates.

For instance:  A Neighbours tree roots may be sapping moisture from the soil in the corner of your yard.  Or an area in your garden is especially dry and windy because it is exposed to an open path where the wind can travel unimpeded.  It is important to observe the spaces you have available to ascertain which plants will flourish within these areas, or modify the space if possible to eliminate or change the factors that influences the area in question.  Micro-climates are an important factor in the selection of plants within available spaces.

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